Myth circulates that COVID-19 vaccination negatively impacts blood donation

Several viral posts falsely claimed that COVID-19 vaccine recipients are ineligible to donate blood through the Red Cross. Days later, an audio clip of an alleged Red Cross official saying that blood is not separated by vaccination status has caused outrage.

Risk level: Medium

Recommendation: These types of posts may discourage patients from donating blood or from receiving blood transfusions. The myth that vaccinated people can’t donate blood is based on a misrepresentation of the Red Cross policy that requires people who received live attenuated vaccines to wait two weeks before donating blood. Talking points may emphasize that no COVID-19 vaccine used in the U.S. is live-attenuated, and there are no restrictions or waiting periods for people who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines or other non-live vaccines. Additional messaging may emphasize that receiving a blood transfusion from a donor who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 is safe and does not transfer the vaccine to the recipient.